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The Native Expeditions Monthly Newsletter- 9th February 2024


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Welcome to the latest edition of our monthly Newsletter! We are excited to share some new excitements from Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Photo taken from Queen Elizabeth National Park- Kazinga channel boat cruise 

Trending Parks for Adventurous travellers in 2024!

Queen Elizabeth National Park is high up on the list. The park has picked up again and all our guests so far could not be more thrilled! From captivating scenes of lions lazing around tourist vehicles to spectacular displays of the shy leopard in the acacia trees by the road side on a game viewing drive, the park is rewarding her guests with wonderful life memories. Enjoy a relaxing private boat cruise on the Kazinga channel and marvel at the herds of elephants, birds, hippos and the famous Kazinga crocodiles that dash in and out of the water.

Bwindi Forest National Park remains untamed but always the icing on the cake for any Uganda safari holiday. Being the highlight of a typical Ugandan holiday, all our guests mention how life-changing an encounter with the gorillas is. We are thrilled to share the good news that 5 new gorilla families / groups have been opened up for tourist visits after a successful habituation process to allow us into their space and homes. This increases the total number of gorilla permits available to visitors on any given day 194 permits. Two families in Buhoma sector (Bwindi north), two families in Rushaga sector (Bwindi south) and one family in Nkuringo sector (Bwindi south)

Travel Inspiration

If you are thinking of what you can offer your adventurous clients wishing to see it all under 9 days of vacation time? This 9 days’ tour would be a perfect fit.

Gaze into the eyes of the gorillas, walk with the chimpanzees as they go about their day, enjoy a relaxing private water cruise on the Kazinga channel and finally walk side by side with the giraffes in Lake Mburo National park on a guided bush walk. Travel like a native !  

In other News:

Gorilla and chimpanzee permits tariff adjustment 2024

The Uganda Wildlife Authority, the body in charge of all the parks and conservation areas in Uganda has revised her 2024 – 2026 park activity rates Gorilla permits have been adjusted to $800 per person from $700 and chimpanzee treks permits to $250 per person from $200. The application of the new adjusted rates take effect for any new booking for travel time from 01st July 2024. We invite you to still take advantage of the old park rates for bookings for travel between Feb and June 2024

Please note: All your already confirmed bookings with us before Feb 2024 for travel period from 01st July 2024 onwards will not undergo any price adjustments. We have also shared out our updated Itinerary price adjustments for all our trips. In case you have not received our updated Itinerary rates 2024 yet, please reach out to us.

                          We can’t wait to connect with you. Take care!


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